Justin Bishop & Co. Architectural Miniatures

Many years ago, as some of you may remember, I produced a range of intricate architectural miniatures.

From my studio in Richmond, Victoria, I handcrafted a classically inspired collection of architectural models, collectable Dolls Houses, ornate Bird Houses and other objet d’art, in fine detail. They were commissioned by architecture enthusiasts and dolls house collectors alike.

When I chose to concentrate on my career as an interior designer, I closed the doors of my Richmond workshop and delivered my last commission… That was over ten years ago.

Requests for my work have never ceased, so recently, after some inspiring overseas travel, I have decided to reform “Justin Bishop & Co. Architectural Miniatures”. I have made plans to recreate a select number of pieces from my original collection and I am excited to announce that I will be taking commissions once again.

A classic French chateau will be the first piece in the new range, available in a selection of colours.

Further details will be released soon.