Interior Designers, Contemporary Bespoke Furniture Makers and all the associated fields are here in this ever evolving Design District just a few minutes walk from Sloane Square. Exquisite Haute Couture, Fine Jewellery and Fashion add to the charm and originality of the Pimlico Road shopping experience.

I make a point of visiting this superb street whenever I am in London. On my first trip to London many years ago, as a 'poor student', I window shopped in awe, admiring the beautiful interior displays. Now, as an established designer, I am meeting the people behind the scenes, the store owners and the creative players who I admired from afar all those years ago. 

One of my favourites is Will Fisher, founder of antique and reproduction house Jamb Limited. Will is known around London as the antique dealer with an eye, which he applies artfully not only to furniture and objects but to the elegant, spare spaces which they inhabit. His newly expanded showroom on Pimlico Rd embodies his grand aesthetic that speaks of another time as much it speaks of today. 

I was so fortunate to meet the creative and energetic Will in his showroom on this trip. He showed me first hand his latest, soon to be released collections. Beautiful metal wall sconces, lanterns and other objet d'art. All exquisitely finished and forged with the Jamb logo. 

He generously offered me a copy of his latest hard back folio.  An enormous tomb filled with page after page of his artistic visions, 

"The key to success is faded grandeur. The suggestion of a slightly tiered gilded surface hidden under layers of grime; a flamboyant painting bowing under the weight of its own surface! Furniture and objects need to look as if they have grown roots they have been in situ so long. A room should have a sense that it has evolved with time, grown with its occupants or generations." Will Fisher - (Remodelista)

Jamb Limited

95-97 Pimlico Road