Last year, I looked back at my art work from my college days.

I was reminded of my passion for painting, drawing and illustration. I had forgotten how diverse my skills were, how I loved to experiment with techniques and different drawing styles.

Assuming I still had those skills I picked up some pastels and began to draw. It became apparent after five minutes that they had diminished -  my techniques had become rigid and flat.

Unperturbed, I enrolled in a weekly illustration class determined to regain my skills and techniques. I began to free up my hand. I began to remember tone and texture, highlights and shade.

Thankfully, my skills returned.

After class, in my own studio, I began to paint again and I have since completed some big works. As in college I am using a mix of mediums - paint, charcoal, pastel and pencil. I am working mostly on large 900mm x 1200mm canvases (I love this scale as I can really focus on the finer details of my subjects). I am enjoying the results.

I thought I would share some finished pieces here. An exhibition is now on the cards.

justin bishop drawing 4.jpg
justin bishop drawing 2.jpg
justin bishop drawing 1.jpg