revisiting a favourite project in 2013

I love revisiting favourite projects. 

So luckily for me, a beautiful property that I worked on some years ago is in need of some final touches.

I met the owners when the house was at its inception and worked with them closely through its planning and design stages. Throughout the build I designed many interior elements; from the overall interior style, to the colour pallet and details including the kitchen, hardware and all hard finishes. 

Five years on the house is still in immaculate condition and revisiting it, I'm proud to say, it still looks as fresh as it did when the build was complete. Clearly, it has timeless style. 

The kitchen, seen here, is now complete with some stunning furniture that I designed alongside the owners. We sourced the leather and bronze studs and had the chairs made. The dining table is also bespoke and made of walnut.

I'm now addressing the entire house, sourcing furniture, art and accessories to complete the home.