COUNTRY Style & Design.

Over the past year, as some of you may know, I have been writing my first book. It's been a wonderful project and I've enjoyed every moment.Now, after a lot of work, I am now pleased to announce, that it is out on the shelves! With a score of media reviews, it has made its way onto book-stores locally and overseas.

My "Country" book is a collection of images, stories and style notes, that I hope will inform, entertain and inspire its readers. While writing this book, it became clear to me that it was becoming quite a personal expression.  I offer my views on country style from its origins to the present day. I cover the various countries through which I have travelled, including England, France, America and Australia, providing some favourite style images from these destinations.

I provide style tips on kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, suggesting ways that I see them fitting best into country inspired homes.. I also delve into my past and describe my own background, growing up in the country and how that has affected my design philosophy today. It's not a typical country book, but a representation of my vision of what is ‘country style and design’. 

(Photography and writing have become two of my most favourite past times.... it's a wonder that I didn't embark on this project years ago!)