Work Continues

One of my current projects involves the renovation of a beautiful farmhouse on Victorias picturesque Mornington Peninsula. The farmhouse exterior is lovely; with charming architectural details and great proportions, however, the house was built in the early 80's, and it needs an update.... a timeless one.

I have an overall long term plan, and my clients and I have broken this down into sections. The bathrooms - seen here - are the first rooms to be transformed. While doing so I am keeping a definite vision of how the entire house will eventually look.

It must flow, it must be harmonious!

I have designed some very intricate tile work, and luckily we have had a very good tiler! We have used handmade Italian white linen tiles (130x65) with matching caps and pencils, which will be finished with white grout. And, we have used the most amazing "timber" porcelain floor tile that I have ever seen!

A tall Victorian skirting board will complete this room, along with some beautiful wall lighting, a vintage chandelier and tap ware by Perrin & Rowe.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.49.59 PM.png