Christmas at home...

This year my Christmas decor was right on the mark!

A magazine editor asked me to provide her with some content for a story on "designer" Christmas decor at home.  I obliged with my take on a "traditional" tree with matching accessories. I worked with a collection of my favourite things; old glass door knobs, my great grandfathers building tools (including his original measuring tapes which substituted for tinsel) and finished it off with pine cones and brown pears - for an organic edge!

Gifts were wrapped in Hessian and brown paper, then tied in chocolate ribbon in satin and velvet.

I was very pleased with the "look", a good blend of monochromatic colour schemes and interesting objects!

The photos and accompanying story went to print alongside the work of three other designers, all with a very different design aesthetic!

This year I'm eager to do something unique again. Faced with building delays on the house extension, I've been unable to create anything as yet. This week however, things are nearing completion, with a bigger space to decorate! Hopefully I'll have something to show you very soon.

I'll keep you posted.