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Justin Bishop is passionate about timeless, traditional design and decoration. His personal design principles echo an age before modern machine technology and mass production. An age of well loved, hand-crafted classics and comforting time honored style.

He was raised at historic "Pigeon Bank" his family's ancestral home in Melbourne's Yarra Valley, where he joined his family in the total restoration of the property. During his childhood he developed an innate sense of period style and traditional craftsmanship, skills he has honed and perfected throughout his life. As a young adult he studied graphic design, theatre design and fine art, however it was the 'hands on' approach to design developed at 'Pigeon Bank' that inspired him the most.

Throughout his design career, he has worked in a variety of creative fields, developing a passion for the creative process; and always demonstrating an absolute sense of style. Justin founded his interior design company over ten years ago and has since designed a diverse range of projects throughout the country, from the most elegant urban residences to casual weekend retreats and innovative commercial interiors.

Based in Melbourne Victoria, Justin turns out cool, calm, and collected spaces that are distinctive in their masculine edge with sophisticated yet evocative atmospheres. They are full of smart neutral fabrics, dark-wood furniture, soulful patinas and strong silhouettes. He uses eclectic accessories, often set against walls painted chalk-white to heighten the poetic effect. His aim has always been to offer classic, timeless design, with lasting beauty and elegance.

"While I work in all styles of design, from traditional to contemporary, my work always demonstrates my signature design philosophy, a classic, sophisticated blend of different looks together, balanced with my clients lifestyle, to create a truly individual style."

Through his business 'Justin Bishop Interior Design' he offers a range of services. From simple makeovers to extensions, renovations and new properties, he works in both commercial and residential sectors. From floor plans and colour choices to furniture, lighting, accessories and garden, Justin offers style tips and advice or full-scale project management.